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What's In It For Me

Instructor-Led Classroom Training

Course Overview

This course is specially designed for users who want to learn the essential concepts and skills relating to the fundamentals of digital marketing. Understanding the significance of digital marketing which is widely adopted in today’s businesses. Get to know the different digital marketing techniques and tools on various platforms (but not limited to) such as Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Analytics and MailChimp.

Training Type

Full Time

Mode of Assessment

ICDL Online Assessment

Who Should Attend

Mix from various companies, industries, and departments

Course Duration

2 Days

Total Training Duration (Hour)

16 Hours

Course Outline

Lesson 1 – Key Concepts

Lesson 2 – Planning

Lesson 3 – Web Presence Options

Lesson 4 – Website Considerations

Lesson 5 – Search Engine Optimisation

Lesson 6 – Social Media Marketing Considerations

Lesson 7 – Social Media Accounts

Lesson 8 – Using Social Media

Lesson 9 – Social Media Management Services

Lesson 10 – Social Media Marketing and Promotion

Lesson 11 – Social Media Engagement, Lead Generation and Sales

Lesson 12 – Online Advertising

Lesson 13 – E-mail Marketing

Lesson 14 – Mobile Marketing

Lesson 15 – Web Analytics

Lesson 16 – Social Media Insights

Lesson 17 – E-mail Marketing Analytics

Lesson 18 – Online Advertising Analytics

Certification Obtained and Conferred by
  1. Avantus Certificate of Attendance (upon achieving minimum 75% class attendance)
  2. WSQ Statement of Attainment (upon passing the relevant assessment)

Course Objectives
  1. Understand key concepts of digital marketing, including advantages, limitations and planning
  2. Understand various web presence options and how to select appropriate keywords for search engine optimization
  3. Recognize different social media platforms, and set up and use common platforms
  4. Understand how effective social media management assists in promotion and lead generation
  5. Use a social media management service to schedule posts and set up notifications
  6. Understand various options for online marketing and advertising, including search engine, e-mail and mobile marketing
  7. Understand and use analytics services to monitor and improve campaigns.


Participants need to have basic computer operating system skills and able to operate mobile devices.

Medium of Instruction & Trainer


Funding Information

Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG) - WSQ Certifiable Funding


  • Applicant must either be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident of Singapore and;
  • Applicant must be at least 21 years old and;
  • Applicant must achieve at least 75% attendance, and pass all examinations/assessments and;
  • Applicant is taking the course for the first time

Avantus reserves the right to charge the full course fee (without subsidy) if any of the conditions above are not met.

SSG Funding Validity Period

26 Sep 2019 – 25 Sep 2023

Singapore Citizens aged 25 years and above will be able to utilize their Skillsfuture Credits to offset against nett fee payable

Additional Notes

Assessment Retake fee at $80 (before GST)


Course Fee Payable
Original Fee Before GST With GST (9%)
Course Fee $460.00 $501.40
Individual Pricing (Fee payable to Training Provider) Before GST With GST (9%)
SkillsFuture >=40 years old, Singapore Citizens $138.00 $179.40
SkillsFuture >=21 years old $230.00 $271.40
Corporate Pricing (Fee payable to Training Provider)
Non-SME Before GST With GST (9%)
SkillsFuture >= 40 years old $138.00 $179.40
SkillsFuture >=21 years old $230.00 $271.40
SME Before GST With GST (9%)
SkillsFuture $138.00 $179.40

Please note that prices are subject to change.
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